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The Living Legacy

Wine & Dine’s credible editorial has been the cornerstone of making the publication the definitive magazine for gourmands for the past 38 years. The first issue was founded and published by Juliet David in 1983.

In its latest reiteration, the magazine is a bi-monthly amalgamation of well-researched, long-form articles on food culture and how what we eat continues to shape the world we know.

Each issue takes on a universal theme that is a reflection of the current climate of the F&B industry and beyond, and includes interviews with the chefs and vintners you should be keeping an eye out for.

It’s published alongside the magazine’s website where you’ll find the latest news from the region and abroad.

Being a gourmand means we appreciate good food no matter where it comes from; expect to see award-winning restaurants of international acclaim featured alongside veterans of traditional food and a new generation of chefs dabbling in experimental, genre-defying cuisine.

Wine & Dine also publishes the annual Singapore’s Top Restaurants guide and SG Top Cafes guide. 

Reach out to us at editorial@wdemedia.com.

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Alison Ang

Executive Director

An avid lover of Cantopop and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Alison’s interests are seemingly incongruous at first glance, but she will be quick to remind you that a lot of her life choices are dictated by her bad knees. What happens at the karaoke stays at the karaoke.

Lu Yawen

Editor in Chief

A free-spirited creature, she enjoys both the shiny and gritty things in life. She envisions a home by the ocean with weekly dive expeditions and art exhibitions.

Adriel Chiun

Digital Editor

Long-winded and short-tempered, Adriel has never met a grilled cheese he did not like – unless it scalds his tongue and the roof of his mouth, then the world is as good as edam.

Yuvaraj Uthaman

Marketing Manager

Black coffee over deep conversations or great movies pretty much sum up how Yuva likes to spend his time. Other interests include football, reading, and meme-sharing!

Brenna Soong

Graphic Designer

Always craving for me time. End of a day she would refuse to sleep just to have that peaceful coffee with any munchies at home and indulge in Netflix.

About Us

Wine & Dine’s credible editorial has been the cornerstone of making the publication the definitive magazine for gourmands for the past 32 years.

We don’t just cover the local dining scene; we also bring you the latest gourmet news from around the world.


Keep up to date with the hottest restaurants and bars, the latest food and drinks trends, delicious recipes and top tipples.

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