An Evening With Bertazzoni

Held on 13 November at The Gathering Room, the Bertazzoni private dinner was attended by a group of invited guests comprising private chefs and social media influencers, who had a preview of the brand’s new line of home appliances.

The evening commenced with representatives from Bertazzoni giving guests a preview of the new Bertazzoni Modern Series of cooking appliances where the star of the show had to be the 76 litre built-in oven coated in special zinc finish. Despite their size, the ovens are extremely efficient thanks to Bertzzoni’s fan technology that allows the optimal distribution of heat. The contemporary aesthetic (available in special finishes that includes steel, copper, zinc and matt black) is matched by the latest technology, the Bertazzoni Assistant, a unique smart technology that manages a precise sequence of cooking functions, allowing the users to whip up perfect, delicious and nutritious food all the time.

The oven is also equipped with a pyrolytic self-cleaning function. It is therefore extremely easy to keep the oven in perfect condition of hygience and cleanliness. A special coating makes it possible for the oven to reach a very high temperature thereby reducing grease, fat and other deposits to a residue dust that can be easily removed.

Following the introduction, guests were invited to the dining table, where they were served a slew of scrumptious dishes from chef Shen’s “Eat The Rich, 加油” menu, all prepared using Bertazzoni’s range of appliances. Some of the highlights include the indulgent Lemak, comprising steamed nasi lemak with prawns, crustacean-infused oil, coffee sambal and sambal belacan, as well as the Bok Bok, featuring kampong chicken confit with chicken fat scones served with chicken fat soy caramel butter. The dinner experience was made even better with exceptional wine pairings curated by Irene, the owner of Epiphany Wines.

Thank you to the team from Bertazzoni for putting together such a wonderful event and to chef Shen and Irene for preparing a gastronomic wine pairing dinner.

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