VIVANT Brings Wine Experiences Online

VIVANT breaks the mould by gamifying wine experiences right there on your screen.

The timer ticks in the background as we look through our options. We’ve been given a minute to pick out the tasting notes in our glass of Château de Pommard Clos-Marey Monge 75 Rangs 2017. Flustered by everything that is going on, we get to only choose a few before time’s up. It’s a good thing then that our VIVANT wine advisor isn’t actually with us in the room to witness our blunder; she’s speaking into a camera from France.

This first of its kind live streaming wine experience is CEO and founder Michael Baum’s vision of the future of wine and sustainability. Each session is hosted by a wine advisor who introduces a few sustainable winemakers, leads quickfire games in real time, and guides us through the tasting. The flight of wines come in test tubes and can be purchased separately as Experience KitsÔ.

“Masterclass videos are boring; people quickly tune out. Online meeting platforms don’t have any structure. And online education platforms have structure but no entertainment,” he explains. It’s the reason why VIVANT experiences are built on the Interactive Tasting MethodÔ, which was two years in the making. The latter allows participants to get a little competitive as they polish their skills or learn about wine with IQ and Tasting Points that are updated throughout the session.

The winemakers we get to ‘meet’ introduce themselves in sleek, dynamic video clips; it definitely beats a choppy video call from a vineyard on the other side of the world. “Amplifying” the voices of vintners who use organic and biodynamic methods is Baum’s intention as well as creating his own flavour of edutainment. He teases that augmented and virtual reality simulations will be added in the near future.

For now, VIVANT offers experiences to its members ranging from the process of viticulture to geographic-specific vintages in the regions of Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and the Loire Valley. They’ve set their sights on more countries such as Italy and Spain in 2021.

Find out how to become a member and more at vivant.eco

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