5 Unconventional Chinese New Year Treats

Festive snacking is a big deal for many of us. In place of your usual flavours, five local food institutions in Singapore are reinventing classic Chinese New Year delights!

We say this with no harsh feelings: Chinese New Year celebrations are going to be a lot tamer this year. But there is a catch. The redeeming factor might be food – narrowed down to snacks in particular. These godsends come in all shapes and sizes. And the good thing about them? Snacks are adored by everyone. Used as a gift to impress the in-laws or loved by everyone across all ages in the room, festive snacks have a special place in all our hearts. With the slight change in celebratory mood this year, we share five quirky flavoured treats that will be sure to liven the mood!


Ondeh Ondeh cookies (Image courtesy of Baker’s Brew)

The fondest memories are often filled with nostalgia; stirring up warm-fuzzy emotions from within. The Baker’s Brew collection of new year Peranakan goodies can strike a chord with every Singaporean due to their traditional biscuit tin packaging. Featuring their signature ondeh ondeh flavoured cookies, these snacks from Baker’s Brew are hard to miss with their distinctive colour made from a mixture of pandan leaves; giving it a vibrant green hue. The flavour is comforting – filled with notes of gula melaka and desiccated coconut to create a fragrant, moist filling.

For more information, visit bakersbrew.com.


Rose pineapple tarts (Image courtesy of Kele)

Pineapples share a long history with Singapore. This tropical fruit started off as a cash crop even before she was colonised. This melt-in-your-mouth pineapple tart made its mark on the Lion City by intertwining with a number of other food cultures — namely, Peranakan, Chinese, and Malay. And Kele gives a floral spin to these bite-sized wonders, by infusing rose flavouring into the pineapple tart. The rosy, pink colour from these tarts are chosen to represent the spring festival, a time to celebrate cheer for the new year.

For more information, visit kelepineappletarts.com.


Mala Xiang Guo Bak Kwa (Image courtesy of Fyre)

Fyre’s Mala Xiang Guo flavoured bak kwa is one for a big spice fiend! One which can tingle your tongue, enough to make you break into sweat. The flavour is carefully formulated to match tastes of a local as well as the modern palate, as the traditional mala flavour might not favour everyone’s taste buds. Fyre perfects this flavour by frying the spices in a wok with high flame, leaving a charred and smoky taste for their bak kwa.

For more information, visit fyresg.com.



Osmanthus Matcha Cheesecake (Image courtesy of Cedele)

Chinese New Year delicacies are known for their word-play, associating themselves to a larger meaning, be it wealth or prosperity. And desserts too, can work the same way. To usher in the Year of the Ox, Cedele introduces their Osmanthus Matcha Cheesecake, inspired by jade that symbolises longevity and purity. Made with a combination of matcha and osmanthus jelly, it is the best of both worlds. The sweet nutty flavour from the matcha, topped off with a cooling layer of osmanthus jelly, is just the perfect dessert after long reunion meals.

For more information, visit cedelemarket.com.


Hallabong & Mandarin Ice-cream (Image courtesy of Les Amis)

If there is one fruit linked to the spring festival, it will most certainly be mandarin oranges. This season, Les Amis has crafted an exciting and exclusive offering: the Hallabong & Mandarin Ice Cream, made using prized Hallabong mandarin oranges found on Jeju Island. The citrus notes from the Hallabong oranges infuses the ice cream’s base – lending it a refreshing flavour packed with just a tinge of sweetness.

For more information, visit lesamis.com.

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