A Countryside Escapade at The Summerhouse

Celebrate the holidays in the outskirts of the island and taste homegrown produce at The Summerhouse.

If we could name a few good things that have happened to us this year, it would be that 2020 taught us to slow down and appreciate the stiller moments in life, and prioritise wellness. And a place that is a culmination of all these things is The Summerhouse. Nestled amidst greenery at Seletar Aerospace Park, the restaurant offers urban dwellers a place of respite from the concrete jungle—one that is so ubiquitous with the city life we are used to, by transporting us to an idyllic farm to table dining experience comprising food sourced from local farms, and even an in-house edible garden, that is a stone’s throw away from your table.

The Summerhouse’s Edible Garden (Image courtesy of The Summerhouse)

To celebrate the holidays, The Summerhouse has curated a four-course communal menu of French-inspired dishes that best represent the season, including some star dishes from The Summerhouse’s regular menu. The set includes four appetisers, four mains, two sides and two desserts.

The Summerhouse’s Edible Garden (Image courtesy of The Summerhouse)

The small, decorative canapé receives an ornamental makeover, to start the meal, consisting of a pan-seared scallop sitting atop its natural shell and dressed with a creamy foie gras reduction sauce and Sturia caviar, making for an extremely intense, full-bodied mouthful with each bite.

And when talking about French appetisers, the French onion soup should never be left out. With each sip of the Soupe À L’oignon, be amazed at how frugal ingredients like onions, beef broth, salt and butter mingle to create this luxuriously flavourful soup, topped with melted Gruyere cheese toasts for an added crunch. This can also be enjoyed throughout the year, as it is on the regular menu.

The mushrooms at The Summerhouse are sourced from Kin Yan Mushroom Farm, who use agrotechnology to harvest a variety of mushrooms suited to our environment. The menu’s Risotto Dépeautre incorporates three types of mushrooms, all prepared differently — summer mushrooms are sautéed, portobello is grilled and shimeji mushrooms are fried tempura style. The dish’s French element comes from the risotto’s nutty spelt rice that is grown in Provence, and its chewy texture combined with the mushrooms’ denser, meaty texture provide a nicely substantial bite.

Poached snapper with charred fennel puree, celeriac remoulade and beurre meuniere (Image courtesy of The Summerhouse)

Caught fresh from a kelong along the straits of Singapore, the red snapper (and all the other seafood served at the restaurant) is from Seafood Culture, a solar-powered farm that focuses on zero-waste farming methods to deliver sustainable seafood. The sweet flesh of the poached snapper is paired with the rustic, aniseed flavours of the creamy fennel purée and the dish is completed with céleri rémoulade, a mustard and mayonnaise dressing with white celery, and a browned butter sauce.

The restaurant’s edible garden contributes rosemary herbs, the blue morning glories used as embellishments for the dishes and sweet potato leaves that are served with honey vinaigrette as a side.

For a little festive tipple, the Christmas Pudding is the ideal dessert, as all its components are spiked with booze. The spiced fruits in the cake are soaked in cognac and rum, the pudding has a topping of berries infused with mulled wine and it is served alongside rum and raisin ice cream that is churned in-house.

Staying true to its nature-inspired concept, The Summerhouse also provides diners with the chance to dine in their edible garden in a garden dome, with three distinct interior themes of Bohemian, Scandinavian and Lounge. The geodesic domes vaguely resemble igloos, and for what it is worth, it could be a rewarding consolation to spending the holidays in a wintry destination abroad.

The Summerhouse is located at 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387.

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