A Spot of Wellness at TWG Tea

Famed for their innovative and luxurious tea blends, TWG Tea presents a new experience crafted specially for the holidays with a menu of tantalising tea-infused treats.

Unwinding over a good cup of tea is certainly one of our favourite ways to relax after a long day, and TWG Tea’s seasonal menu comprising tea-infused mains, drinks and desserts provides twice the satisfaction.

TWG Tea’s Festive Set Menu (Image courtesy of TWG Tea)

The star of their beverage menu is definitely the Grand Christmas Tea, a spiced black tea that is complemented with coconut to give the drink a subtle toasty, yet sweet, profile. With a mellow aftertaste, the tea evokes a certain sense of warmth that is always welcomed at this time of the year.

Grand Christmas Tea Mocktail (Image courtesy of TWG Tea)

The Grand Christmas Tea is also presented in two starkly different ways during the meal. To highlight the coconut notes in the tea and to give diners a more authentic representation of the tropical holidays we spend locally, the meal begins with a tea-infused mocktail of pineapple and strawberry juice, soursop purée and is further sweetened with Chantilly cream. The tea is also made into a syrup and mixed in a sparkling white wine cocktail, displaying the more elegant and lusher image that TWG Tea is always associated with.

Tenderloin with winter truffle veal jus, foie gras feuille de brick, beetroot and mustard seed caviar (Image courtesy of TWG Tea)

At TWG Tea, even the usual pre-meal bread and butter get a total tea makeover, with a spotlight on East Asian teas. The bittersweet Golden Lung Ching green tea is baked right into the bread, while the butter is sprinkled with genmaicha furikake, including bits of roasted, popped rice and seaweed. 

The choice of ingredients for the main dish also reflects the grandeur of the salon’s interior, having used only delicacies of the highest-quality. Sliced Australian wagyu tenderloin is pan-seared to a medium rare and given an added dimension of rich, savoury flavours with a veal and winter truffle jus. Sharing a place on the plate is a deep-fried French pastry, feuille de brick, containing a thin layer of foie gras that melts in your mouth. The mustard seed caviar topping is dyed with heirloom beetroot essence to look like red holly, and is pickled with the TWG Tea’s Noel! Noel! Tea, a black and white blend that resounds the citrusy tones of clementine and rich Tahitian vanilla. Similar in taste to chai, this tea is also served iced with the menu, indeed a wish come true amidst the balmy Singaporean “winter”.

Hazelnut caramel mini log cake and iced Noel! Noel! Tea (Image courtesy of TWG Tea)

Self-care and wellness definitely include rewarding yourself with something sweet, and it is further accentuated with the premium desserts served at TWG Tea. The Hazelnut Caramel Mini Log Cake is made with a white chocolate crumble base and layered with hazelnut sponge, vanilla crémeux and hazelnut Chantilly infused with Napoleon Tea, a French vanilla black tea. The pairing with house-made masala-spiced Indian Night Tea ice cream is a perfect balance to the saccharine cake.

With a growing focus on being more mindful when taking care of our bodies in light of the pandemic, treating yourself to the quality ingredients and soul-warming teas from TWG Tea’s menu will truly be the best gift.

This menu is available at all TWG Tea Salons and Boutiques.

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