A Trip to the Streets of Tel Aviv with Miznon

The global chain’s first Asian outlet, Miznon aims to capture the hearts of Singaporeans with their contemporary take on Israeli street food.

Israeli cuisine has been a generally uncharted territory on the local food radar, and while Tel Aviv may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of street food capitals, the newly opened Miznon would like to challenge this notion.

Opened by celebrity chef and MasterChef Israel judge Eyal Shani, Miznon serves up modern interpretations of Israeli street food to give diners an easy introduction to the country’s classics. Helmed as “the voice of modern Israeli cuisine” by famous Israeli-English restaurateur and chef Yotam Ottolenghi, Shani brings the vibrance and ingredients characteristic of the streets of Israel to this casual joint at Stanley Street, including 11 different pitas stuffed with meat and vegetables, homemade dressings and even a whole, roasted cauliflower.

Using chef Shani’s secret recipe, the pitas are made in an Israeli bakery and imported specially for Miznon. Its savoury, nutty taste is achieved through a mix of flours, and the chewy, absorbent nature of the bread comes in handy for soaking up the sauces the pitas are dressed in.

Abu Kebab (Image courtesy of Miznon)

The 11 options comprise traditional flavours such as Abu Kebab to more novel ones such as Ratatouille. A nod to a dish commonly associated with the Middle Eastern region, the former is stuffed with lamb and beef meatballs that are lightly seasoned and topped with a generous serving of zhug, an herbaceous green chilli paste, and tahini, an earthy sesame dressing.

Ratatouille, as its name suggests, takes inspiration from the vegetable-laden French stew. Classified under the “Wild Vegetable Animals” section of the menu with the other non-meat pitas, the juxtaposition alludes to how substantial and filling this pita is. A myriad of vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, heirloom tomato, carrot and onion are air-fried then baked, creating a creamy, almost jam-like filling, complemented with chopped hardboiled eggs and the restaurant’s signature tahini dressing.

Baby Cauliflower Flower (Image courtesy of Miznon)

While you have likely heard of cauliflower’s influence on the culinary world in recent years, a little known fact is that chef Shani was the one who popularised it in his home country. After hand-picking the vegetable from local markets, he combined it with his cooking philosophy of celebrating the natural flavours of foods. The result: Miznon’s Baby Cauliflower Flower, a whole cauliflower head seasoned with olive oil, then oven-roasted at high heat for a crispy, charred crust and an interior that’s buttery and tender.

With miznon meaning ‘kiosk’ in Hebrew, this establishment stays true to the vibes reminiscent of street food stalls, from the open kitchen displaying their fresh produce to the rowdy chatter of its diners due to the restaurant’s intimate setting. A meal at Miznon does not just offer authentic food but also allows diners here to enjoy a first-hand experience of Israel’s culture.

Miznon is located at 6 Stanley St, #01-01, Singapore 068725.

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