Baked To Perfection: 5 Home Bakers To Order From

Get through your daily grind with these home-made bakes

Changing the landscape of boutique bakeries, these are five home bakers to order from the next time you’re craving for something sweet.

1. bakes by VM

From left: Vickii Ma and Beatrice Lee (Image courtesy of bakes by VM)

Baking has always been second nature to founder Vickii Ma and her best friend Beatrice Lee. For both, bakes by VM is a passion project that celebrates their love for baking as well as 20 years of friendship.

Ma shares that she left her corporate job three years ago to pursue her interest in baking and ceramics. Serving up new cookies and pastries every month, bakes by VM goes the extra mile by getting their followers to vote on Instagram for the flavours of their next confection every month.

Brookie (Image courtesy of bakes by VM)

One of their signatures is the Brookie, a mouth-watering hybrid between a brownie and a semi-sweet or dark chocolate cookie. They come with fillings of matcha, cookies and crème among many others.

“Life is better with butter,” Ma says when we asked what her secret to baking is, “and precision is key to the perfect pastry.” Sprucing up her home kitchen to churn out more products in a shorter amount of time, bakes by VM hopes to expand its brand overseas in the near future.

For more information, visit bakesbyvm.com.

2. Marymount Bakehouse

Ian Ferdinand Chong (Image courtesy of Marymount Bakehouse)

A seasoned cook always experimenting with different recipes and ingredients in his kitchen, Ian Ferdinand Chong never considered himself a professional baker. However, while working at Fleur de Sel under by chef Alexandre LozachmeurChong was intrigued by the taste of sourdough. He wondered how a loaf of sourdough would turn out if it were baked by a cook instead of a baker. Motivated by the idea, he embarked on a quest to bring the worlds of baking and cooking together.

Pain au Levain (Image courtesy of Marymount Bakehouse)

With intricate designs atop the loaves of bread, Marymount Bakehouse presents a unique form of art on the canvas of our daily sustenance. The ‘bourgeoisie’ of sourdoughs, Pain au Levain contains 75% hydration and dark rye flour, and was inspired by his first taste of sourdough at Fleur de Sel.

The Bakehouse is due for a rebranding in the next two months and will unveil a whole new collection of loaves that would showcase the originality and substance of the its identity. He adds, “It is really satisfying to be able to produce bakery standard loaves within the walls of your own kitchen.”

For more information, visit instagram.com/marymount_bakehousesg.

3. Puffs and Peaks

From left: Linda Sng and Ong Jing Ting (Image courtesy of Puffs and Peaks)

From following online tutorials to a full-fledged home baker with a flourishing business, Ong Jing Ting and her mother, Linda Sng, have made quite the team with their delectable creations.

After making customised buttercream cakes for almost two years, Ong started experimenting with other pastries such as cookies, tarts and brownies. With her mother’s help, the capable duo branched out to baking sausage rolls, ang ku kuehs and kueh lapis that turned out to be some of their best-sellers.

Donuts (Image courtesy of Puffs and Peaks)

Another of their best sellers are donuts—a staple at Puffs and Peaks. These sweet treats go through a two-day process to achieve the fluffy yet chewy texture that they are well-known for. Each donut is stuffed with a myriad of fillings that are made from scratch, including popular flavours such as vanilla, hazelnut, pandan coconut and lemon cream.

Ong spends hours every day experimenting to find the sweet spot where flavours and textures meet. She advices aspiring home bakers, “Step out of your comfort zone, because experimenting with new flavours will allow for a constant flow of inspiration.” Look forward to Puffs and Peaks’ brick-and-mortar bakery launching in the coming year.

For more information, visit puffsandpeaks.com.

4. Teaspoon of Love

Lydia Lim (Image courtesy of Teaspoon of Love)

Founded by Lydia Lim and her mother, Teaspoon of Love is testament to the fact that every seasonal confection and tea sourced, or created, is a labour of love. According to Lim, her recipes are inspired by fragrances and flavours from fond memories with her mother.

Da Hong Pao Burnt Cheesecake (Image courtesy of Teaspoon of Love)

Tuck into Singapore’s first Da Hong Pao Burnt Cheesecake ($51.90) by Teaspoon of Love. Infused with Da Hong Pao, a roasted oolong tea from Wuyi Mountains in Fujian, this cheesecake is a riff on the famed Basque Cheesecake. The prized oolong tea’s fruity and nutty flavours complement the luscious textures of cream cheese.

Although the journey as a home baker has been full of ups and downs, this mother-and-daughter team evidently has found the secret ingredient to make it work.

For more information, visit tspoflove.com.

5. Just Julia

Julia Tan (Image courtesy of Just Julia)

Unlike her sisters who were content with snacking on their grandmother’s cookies, Julia Tan was more interested in the work that went into making them. Now as the lady boss behind Just Julia, she shares the same joy with her customers with recipes inspired by her grandmother. It’s tough work running the business on her own but Tan for all the effort, it’s encouraging when she gets positive feedback and customers turn into friends.

Carrot Cake (Image courtesy of Just Julia)

One of the items quick to fly off the shelves is the Carrot Cake. A family favourite, the cake has chunks of roasted walnuts and is topped with a light lemon cream cheese frosting. There’s also a rum raisin option where the Carrot Cake is stuffed with organic rum-soaked raisins instead.

Undaunted by the flour in her hair and frosting on her fingers, Tan tirelessly ensures the selection of baked goods on the website is refreshed every three months.

For more information, visit justjulia.sg.

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