Celebrating Autumn at Pasta Bar

Relish in the beauty of a regional Italian autumn with Pasta Bar’s new menu that includes seasonal specialties.

As the temperature cools, the colour of leaves turn warmer and the best produce of the season is harvested. Autumn has finally arrived! And while seasonal changes seem like a distant dream here at the equator, you can still get a taste of the best Italian produce with Pasta Bar’s new Fall Menu.

Pasta Bar's open kitchen and bar counter (Image courtesy of Pasta Bar)

With all their handmade pasta gloriously displayed in an open kitchen, this laidback establishment is quickly becoming the premier destination for all pasta lovers. Each of their 11 types of pasta shapes are made fresh daily using a variety of semolina and ‘00’ flours to provide varying textures for experiences best suited to the dish. Here, you can expect to taste lesser known dishes originated from regional Italy, focusing on tradition and authenticity.

Vitello Tonnato - Six hour braised veal tongue, tuna, fried capers and parsley salad (Image courtesy of Pasta Bar)

Start with the classic North Italian Vitello Tonnato, made with thinly sliced layers of veal tongue and tuna sauce. While it may sound like an odd combination of proteins, we can assure you that this pairing is exquisitely delicate.

Braised in white wine, stock and herbs for six hours, each slice of veal is smooth and tender, and when eaten with the tuna sauce made with anchovies and capers, is a velvety explosion of the best flavours land and sea have to offer.

Continue with the House Smoked Whipped Buffalo Milk Ricotta, where every mouthful of creamy, hickory-smoked ricotta is punctuated with bite-sized pieces of fresh figs, Parma ham and 12-year-old balsamic vinegar. We recommend a white wine pairing to complement the lighter flavour profiles of your appetisers.

Pumpkin Tortelli in the making (Image courtesy of Pasta Bar)

The main star is, of course, the pasta. A vegetable synonymous with fall, the pumpkin is roasted then pureed with star anise, cinnamon and onions. Blended with cheese and mostarda di frutta (mustard fruits), it’s stuffed into a tortelli then arrives to your table with a traditional butter sage sauce, garnished with pumpkin oil and Amaretti biscuit crumbs for that added crunch of sugar.

Duck Agnolotti - confit duck, Porcini, fresh shaved black truffle (Image courtesy of Pasta Bar)

Another standout utilises the fungi prized for its uniquely umami flavour – black truffles, straight from Tuscan soil. Stuffed with a mix of duck confit and porcini, the Duck Agnolotti sums up the earthy scents of fall. It doesn’t end up too gamey and is given an extra boost of flavour with black truffle shavings.

Torta Barozzi - flourless chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, balsamic vinegar (Image courtesy of Pasta Bar)

We ended the meal with Tarto Barozzi, perfect for those adverse to anything too saccharine. It’s a nod to Modena, the birthplace of balsamic vinegar, and is a traditional flourless chocolate cake made with balsamic vinegar from North Italy. The warm, gluten-free slice comes with a drizzle of more aged balsamic and vanilla ice cream.

With a menu of honest-to-goodness pastas, this autumnal feast will leave you falling in love with the tastes and textures of traditional Italian cuisine. You can also recreate basic pastas with Pasta Bar’s At Home Pasta Kits, which comprises a homemade pasta and sauce of your choice.

Pasta Bar is located at 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-05, Singapore 089158.

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