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The Pi Days of our youth were tortuous affairs with memorisation. The best cure for childhood trauma? Sweet slices of the island’s best pies!

π. Such a simple symbol. Demure, with two gentle curves and a flat top. It is understated, to say the least, and yet its power is decidedly quite the opposite. Defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, pi is an irrational number – meaning its decimal representation continues on without end nor repetition. Indeed, pi has never failed to fascinate civilisations, though none have gone as far as to host National Pi Day – until ours, of course. Since it is impossible to savour a mathematical constant, we offer the next best thing: a quick guide to the island’s best pies – in a round-up as transcendental as the number itself. Happy Pi Day!


(Image courtesy of PS Café)

Known as the greatest of all regional American desserts, Key Lime Pie, Florida’s sweetheart, is the culinary antidote to all tropical climates. And none do it as well as PS.Cafe. With its trademark yellowish-green hue, the Florida Key Lime Pie is as pleasing to the eye as the palate. Sharp and sweet, with bold hints of lime juice balanced by condensed milk, this treat offers a refreshing change of pace from the typical heaviness of cream pies. And with outlets across the island – our favourite being its idyllic, seaside East Coast Beach location – you have no excuse not to indulge in this tasty tradition.

For more information, visit pscafe.com


Chocolate Banana Cream Pie (Image courtesy of Clinton St. Baking Company)

Singapore’s only outpost of the beloved NYC bakery Clinton St. Baking Company serves up quintessentially American comfort food. The menu features cream-based and seasonal fruit pies galore, many of them using the original recipes of founder and chef Neil Kleinberg. The Chocolate Banana Cream Pie is a decadent affair of dark chocolate ganache, bananas, graham cracker crust, and chocolate shavings; each bite, you might say, is chock full of goodness. Equally extravagant is the Peanut Butter Ice Box – named for the ice boxes used to store them in pre-electricity days – which combines Chantilly cream and peanut butter cream cheese mousse for its filling.

For more information, visit clintonstreetbaking.com


Apple Frangipane & Rum Pie (Image courtesy of Windowsill Pies)

At Windowsill Pies, don’t expect the classics. Expect better. Revel in dimensional and delicious options like the Apple Frangipane & Rum Pie, a Christmas special turned staple boasting home-poached apples, baked almond custard, rum-soaked raisins, and toasted almond flakes. The Grasshopper Pie elevates flourless chocolate cake, mixed with whipped dark chocolate ganache, with verdant layers of fresh mint cream and salted chocolate cookie crumble. But the star of the menu, undoubtedly, is the Morello Sour Cherry Pie, consisting of cherry jam made from hand-picked Morello cherries and covered with an intricate, sugared shortcrust lattice. As the name suggests, the pie’s sharp tartness may pucker some lips, but that is all part of its charm.

For more information, visit windowsillpies.sg


Shirley’s Apple Pie (Image courtesy of Wimbly Lu)

Since its humble beginnings at Jalan Riang, Wimbly Lu has since expanded its mini chocolate empire to three different venues across the island. Its pie offerings, we can confidently say, satisfy every occasion. Craving comfort? The Shirley’s Apple Pie, which sees chunks of cinnamon-spiced apples and crisp streusel, may just be the culinary equivalent of a warm hug from your grandmother. Looking to celebrate? It is hard to go wrong with Jey’s Nutella Pie, which doesn’t just stop at a rich chocolate base, but finishes with a layer of Nutella ganache and candied hazelnut. Zest fiend? Many have raved over the café’s Lemon Meringue Pie, an admittedly hefty slice of pie crust, buttery lemon curd, and torched meringue.   

For more information, visit wimblylu.com


Wild Berry Lavender Pie (Image courtesy of Elijah Pies)

We all owe a word of thanks to Elijah’s girlfriend – and her sweet tooth – without whom Singapore may have never known Elijah Pies. And what a pity that would be, with a selection of eight bakes ranging from the velvety Earl Grey Rose Pie to the whimsical Wild Berry Lavender Pie. The Nutella Pie is a reliable choice and all-time favourite, marrying luscious dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts. For an infusion of local tastes, look to the Pandan Coconut Pie, which tops layers of pandan-infused coconut cream with gula melaka and sprinkled toasted coconut. Likewise, the Yuzu Cheesecake brings a saccharine reminder of home with 100% yuzu puree imbued in silky cheese, crowned with soft, pillowy Chantilly cream.

For more information, visit elijahpies.com.sg

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