More Than Italian at La Strada

With executive chef Peter Teo at the helm, the restaurant bravely ventures out of the confines of traditional Italian cuisine.

Executive chef Peter Teo (Image courtesy of La Strada)

In its third revision, La Strada welcomes executive chef, Peter Teo, who gives the trusted Italian restaurant a well-deserved revival. While you’ll still find classic dishes the likes of a creamy burrata, carpaccio and gnocchi on the menu, they’re updated with an international selection of ingredients from countries such as Australia, France, Japan and Spain.

Even though his reimagining comes off as somewhat loosely defined, thanks to Teo’s French culinary background with tenures at Bistro Du Vin and Bâtard in Hong Kong, there’s no denying how good the food tastes. His take on the ciambotta, a summer vegetable stew from south Naples, is a show of sweet Amera tomatoes from Japan in slices and puree form wrapped in slivers of yellow and green capsicum and zucchini. It’s finished off with a generous dash of basil oil and fennel pollen to lend it herbaceous notes reminiscent of a green, leafy summer.

Japanese Amera Tomatoes (Image courtesy of La Strada)

He uses yet another Japanese ingredient, popular for its naturally fatty flesh, kinmedai or golden eyed snapper for the second starter in his debut of a five-course dinner menu (the set menu for lunch runs three- to four-courses long). Lightly seasoned, the fish is broiled and drizzled with olive oil from Provence; both elements coming together for a delicate but full-flavoured dish with each bringing a salinity, sweetness and a touch of bitter to the union.

Mains for lunch and dinner are reasonably varied with a modest range of seafood and meats such as the Obsiblue Prawns Linguini flavoured with a smoky sauce made from the crustaceans’ heads or Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle. And there is, of course, La Strada’s cheesy, creamy Carbonara Spaghetti that will always have a spot on the menu (and in our hearts).

Roasted Whole Organic Chicken (Image courtesy of La Strada)

Teo‘s offerings of large format sharing plates for two to three guests range from a Roasted Whole Organic Chicken with Acquerello risotto to a Crispy Skin Spanish Suckling Pig Bone In with apples and cannellini beans. Like the multi-course Italian family meals, these too come with the optional vegetable sides of roasted artichokes or duck fat potatoes. And seeing that there won’t be any lively big group dinners any time soon, we’ll settle for the bite-sized portion of warm Italian hospitality here instead.

La Strada is located at 1 Scotts Road, 01-13 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208.

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