Salted & Hung’s New Menu is Creative and Sustainable

Chef-owner of Salted & Hung, Drew Nocente, impresses with his creative use of ingredients, showing that sustainable eating can be delicious.

Having grown up on a farm in Australia, chef Nocente has always been mindful about not wasting any parts of an animal in his restaurant, and his latest menu, conceptualised with the philosophy of ‘minimal-waste’, is testament to his commitment to sustainability.

In his new creations, chef Nocente demonstrates that choosing to be sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on flavour and presentation. He uses every part of an animal and fish in his dishes—from the meat to innards, skin to bone, and brings out the best flavours through various techniques like smoking, curing, pickling and grilling.

Quail, chilli, quail reduction

Some highlights from the menu include the quail, chilli, quail reduction ($22) featuring a deboned stuffed roasted quail, house-made chilli sausage stuffing and a savoury quail reduction made from quail bones and stock. The grouper, infused soy, charcoal & fermented prawn butter ($58) is one of our top favourites, where fish bones play an integral part in the creation of varying flavour profiles and textures in the dish. The grouper bones are first infused with soy for 30 days to make an aromatic sauce and then dehydrated to form crisp crumbs as garnish. The remaining fish bones are then turned into a stock that is used to steam-bake the grouper.

Lamb char siew, radish & scallions

The meat dishes, too, are equally impressive, especially the lamb char siew, radish & scallions ($48), utilising alternative cuts like the lamb neck and belly, marinated in a mix of soy and spices, and cooked over the josper grill to a smoky char. The pork collar, celery, buttermilk & raisin ($52) is juicy and tender, and served with a scrumptious celeriac buttermilk made from the restaurant’s house-churned butter. If you’re craving something light, try the risotto, crayfish & lardo ($38), a risotto cooked with preserved lemon and finished with an emulsion made from the crayfish shells.

Sour dough ice cream dessert

End off your meal on a sweet note with the sour dough ice cream served with burnt butter crumbs and fermented strawberries.

We highly recommend going for the eight-course Feed Me menu ($88++), which will give you great value for your money.

12 Purvis Street. Tel: 6358 3130

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