The Dream-Team: Dessert and Cocktail pairings with Potato Head Singapore and 2am: dessertbar

An exciting marriage of flavours, Potato Head Singapore and 2am:dessertbar’s collaboration takes the cake for innovative dessert and cocktail pairings.

In October, Potato Head Singapore and 2am:dessertbar launched its first partnership to produce a dessert-cocktail pairing aimed at showcasing complementary flavours in the form of edible art.

Pastry chef Janice Wong from 2am:dessertbar reveals that the pairings were conceptualised after sampling fifteen cocktails from the Studio 1939 team at Potato Head Singapore.

Her inspiration was from the four seasons in Japan, leading her to create a dessert for the Jasmine Oasis Pairing which has elements of jasmine tea mousse foam, yuzu ice rock, lychee rose pearls and lemon myrtle sauce. The Studio 1939 team helmed by Head Bartender Gavin Teravasan paired this dessert with the refreshing Make her Feel Good cocktail made with Hendricks’s Gin, melon and tea syrup infusions. To compliment the complexity of the dessert, Teravasan’s cocktail was created to have simple clean notes. The resulting combination was a delicate balance of light floral-citrus elements.

6 Tastes pairing (Image courtesy of Potato Head Singapore)

The dynamic-duo also share a love for daring and unique flavor combinations. Unlike the usual tiki-styled cocktails served at Potato Head, Teravasan prefers to present his drinks in clear cut-crystal glassware with sparce garnishing. For the 6 Tastes Pairing, he features a Plantation original dark rum with aperol, fresh watermelon and lemon juice which packs a punch. The drink is had with Wong’s 6 Tastes dessert, which may raise an eyebrow or two, incorporating ingredients such as miso mousse, banana cheese cake with mustard. The dessert pairs well with the depth of Teravasan’s cocktail. By adding sweetness to flavours which are typically considered savory, Wong gives sweet-lovers an umami rich treat that is not to be forgotten.

Cassis Plum pairing (Image courtesy of Potato Head Singapore)

Another philosophy which drives the inspirations for the pairings is Wong’s belief in the duality between perfection and imperfection. Through her desserts she strives to bring through the beauty of imperfection.

On the plate, this philosophy comes through the Cassis Plum pairing which consists of a perfectly dome-shaped cassis bombe enclosing yoghurt elderflower foam. The dome is carefully positioned atop of crushed plum liquer textures. The contrast between the ‘perfect’ dome and the ‘imperfect’ plum textures creates a wild and almost explosive dimension. The dessert is wonderfully paired with the Red Velvet cocktail which has Reyka vodka as a base married with raspberry and yuzu syrup. The result is a lip puckering berry-forward pairing.

Chocolate H20 pairing (Image courtesy Potato Head Singapore)

The same philosophy of balancing perfection with imperfection is seen in the ‘crushed’ appearance of the chocolate mousse in the Chocolate H20 pairing. Despite  chocolate soil and burnt caramel parfait being scattered loosely over the mousse, the dish comes together in an elegant presentation. Paired with a cocktail created specifically for bartenders, the Bartender cocktail adds a smokey overtone to the dessert.

These creative pairings are up for order all the way until 10:30pm, after which only the desserts from the pairings will be available.

Potato Head Singapore is located at 36 Keong Saik Road., Singapore 089143. Tel: ​6327 1939. Opening Hours are from: 5pm to 12 am from Monday to Thursday and 4pm to 12 Mid-night from Friday to Sunday.

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