The First Supper: Le Binchotan’s Supper Special 2019

Le Binchotan brings back their popular supper club featuring local eats, this time in a special series spanning three months.

Chef Jeremmy Chiam will be sharing the fun with three guest chefs—chef Damian D’Silva of Folklore, chef Sam Chablani, formerly of Fat Lulus, and chef ArChan Chan of LeVeL33. Through the course of the supper series from 25 April to 30 June, chef Jeremmy will present three big plate and three small plate dishes.

Chefs Sam Chablani, Damian D’Silva, Jeremmy Chiam and ArChan Chan (Photo: Ryan Acompanado)

Expect to savour his flavour-packed hokkien mee, which proved a winner at the last supper series; an aromatic prawn noodle soup, featuring a broth simmered for four hours with pork bones and prawns and served with the thin noodles you’d find in Hakata-style ramen; and uni congee, made with Akitakomachi rice, a housemade scallop broth, century egg, foie gras and uni.

On the menu: prawn noodle soup and stir-fried clams with XO sauce (Photo: Ryan Acompanado)

Joining him on 25-27 April will be ArChan Chan, executive chef of microbrewery restaurant LeVeL 33. She will be serving up grilled shishito peppers, and a big plate dish of stir-fried clams with XO sauce. The latter’s a supper dish she had often with her kitchen crew in Sydney and Melbourne. She makes the XO sauce from scratch with jamon, and will be stir-frying the clams with LeVel33’s house-brewed Blond lager. To top it all all off, there’d be a buns made with dry spent grain from the brewery on the side to mop up any of the leftover sauce.

Chef Jeremmy’s uni congee, chef Damian’s pork belly cucumber salsa, and more (Photo: Ryan Acompanado)

On 9-11 May, Sam Chablani takes the stage with chef Jeremmy. The former chef-owner of Fat Lulus and master- of-the-grill will be serving up his signature #noburnnotaste platter featuring favourites such as his Iberico Sataytay and a new Phu Quoc pork ribs inspired by his visit to Phu Quoc island, Vietnam.

Chef Damian D’Silva of Folklore joins the party on 6-8 June where he will be bringing more of his dishes inspired by his Peranakan and Eurasian heritage. The deceptively simple steamed fish is just one of them, served with a homemade fermented soybean sauce, and topped with cubes of crispy pork lard, shallots, garlic and Bentong ginger.


Key dates and times:

Supper Special 2019
Friday and Saturdays, 9.30pm-11.30pm, 25 April-30 June – Chef Jeremmy Chiam
(choice of one big plate and one small plate, available as a la carte options)

Jeremmy and Friends
Thursday to Saturday, 9.30pm-12am, 25-27 April – Chef ArChan Chan
Thursday to Saturday, 9.30pm-12am, 9-11 May – Chef Sam Chablani
Thursday to Saturday, 9.30pm-12am, 6-8 June – Chef Damian D’Silva
(First set order: one big plate and one small plate dish each from chef Jeremy and guest chef at $35 per person)

Head here for full details and seat reservations.

#01-04, 115 Amoy Street. Entrance via Gemmill Lane. Tel: 6224 1045

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