Wine & Dine May/June 2020: Southeast Asia


From what started as an outbreak in China, COVID-19 now has a real impact on each of our lives no matter where we are in the world. The food industry, built on the social aspect of mealtimes, has had to scramble to find its legs. In such a tense and isolating climate, it’s even more evident that enjoying a meal with family or friends is so crucial to our emotional and mental well-being.

Perhaps a little serendipity was at play when we planned for this Southeast Asian issue. A celebration of cuisines so similar and different all at once, we pay homage to the chefs (p22 & p61), agriculture (p38 & p46) and street food (p52) close to home. As Southeast Asia comes into its own, we’ve the privilege of witnessing the meeting of old and new; from traditional cookware (p58) to renowned potters in Bali whose ceramics serve as vessels for Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore (p68).

The eleven countries, being in close proximity to each other, inevitably share many parts of their culture and resources. As countries impose lockdowns, it has put light on the fragility of the symbiotic relationships between nations. On the other hand, it’s formed a sense of camaraderie to know we’re all in the same boat. In this issue, we’ve added takeaway and delivery options for all the restaurants mentioned as well as will continue to share food options on our Instagram page.

This is definitely one for the history books but at least we’re in it together. Hang in there!

Wine & Dine May/June 2020 digital issue is available to read for free at Magzter

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