Wine & Dine March/April 2020: Man & Machine

This year in January at CES 2020, Samsung debuted the Bot Chef robot. Reporters watched mesmerised as the two white mechanical arms helped crack eggs, season then whisk them alongside a cook.

Even though we’ve gotten quite used to technology creeping into our everyday lives, it was a reminder that could be our reality in the very near future.

We’ve briefly touched on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and apps in previous issues but for March/April 2020, we took a deeper dive into the use of robotics in the food industry. It’s a divisive subject; many fine dining chefs balk at the idea of mechanical counterparts in the kitchen so we’ve taken the liberty to do an artist’s impression of one, with a little help from chef Ryan Clift from Tippling Club.

It should also come as no surprise that robots are, in fact, taking over the food industry from kitchens at Tunglok Group, the production line at Montreux Patisserie and folding napkins at Marina Bay Sands Resort (p38 and p64) to Vitirovers in vineyards (p50). And as our kitchen appliances grow smarter, we ask Damian D’Silva from Kin, Celine Tan from intimatesuppers, and Fernando Arévalo from Preludio if that makes us lousier cooks .

With a new team at Wine & Dine, the 35-year-old magazine is headed into exciting territory. Food, being the language that connects us all, will be our gateway to dig deep into the interrelation between food and culture.

For those with a shorter attention span, we’ve got digital editor, Adriel Chiun, to liven up our Instagram and YouTube with personality-focused interviews and short clips of the latest bars and restaurants. A new column to look forward to is Incognito Eats. We pay for our own meals and come unannounced. For our inaugural tasting undercover, we head to No Sleep Club.

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