Wine & Dine September/October 2019: Celebrating Singapore’s Top Restaurants

In tandem with the launch of Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2019/2020, Wine & Dine Sep/Oct 2019 discusses current issues in the restaurant scene and pays tribute to the heroes who make culinary magic happen.

As we celebrate the launch of the 22nd edition of our annual dining guide, it dawned upon me that we are in the golden era of recognition for the culinary industry, with a slew of internationally recognised awards like the Michelin Guide, the World’s 50 Best and Asia’s 50 Best, doing its part to not only elevate the profession but help thrust outstanding chefs into the global limelight. But apart from offering affirmation to chefs and their teams who work hard year-round to ensure we always have delicious meals on our plates, I see these awards as an additional platform for chefs to share their ideas and causes.

In this spirit, we’ve dedicated Wine & Dine Sep/Oct 2019 to our Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2019/2020 award winners including chef Peter Rollinson of Flutes Restaurant Bar, chef Mike Tan of Madame Fan, chef Shigeru Koizumi of ESORA, and chef Tristin Farmer of Restaurant Zén, who share their thoughts on what defines a top restaurant and how much awards and recognition matter to them. Turn to p26 to see the full list of winners.

In the rest of the magazine, you will also discover interesting reads about some of the issues plaguing our food industry—sustainability and longevity—where our writers delve deep into the respective topics and shares their findings on what it takes for a restaurant to be truly sustainable (p48), and what chefs are doing to survive and thrive in a highly competitive and challenging dining scene (p38). For those looking for travel inspiration, we’ve got great suggestions for you to plan a short foodie getaway to Bintan (p78) or a gastronomic trip to France (p80) where you’ll get to experience some of the best produce the country has to offer. To find out more about our award winners, head over to our social media pages @sgtoprestaurants on Facebook and Instagram. In the weeks to come, we will be uploading videos that go behind the scenes to capture these top chefs and their teams in action.

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