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(Unboxing with Edible Garden City)


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At the behest of @ediblegardencity 🌱🥦🥬🍴, and in a W&D first ☝🏻, join our Digital Editor @onefatboy in an unboxing unlike any other! Growing your own herbs and antioxidants shouldn’t be daunting; towering bushes et al! Get your own Seed Starting Kit from @ediblegardencity and tag us in your progress! Let us grow together in solidarity! #NewWineAndDine #WineAndDineMag

Executive Producer: Adriel Chiun (@onefatboy)
Post Production: Ohai Media (@ohaimedia)

Special thanks to Edible Garden City (@ediblegardencity)

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Adriel Chiun

Digital Editor

Long-winded and short-tempered, Adriel has never met a grilled cheese he did not like – unless it scalds his tongue and the roof of his mouth, then the world is as good as edam.

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